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Dignified Burial Services in Los Angeles

Southern California Funeral Directors, Inc. can help you plan a burial for a loved one or for yourself in the future. We offer a variety of customized burial services in Los Angeles. As long as history has been documented, burial has honored deceased loved ones and laid them to rest in a dignified manner. Our funeral directors are knowledgeable about burial traditions and rituals across many cultures and faiths. We are sensitive to the needs of customers from all walks of life and will go the extra mile to follow your religious, cultural or personal requirements. Whether you want a traditional burial in a top-of-the-line casket or a simple green burial, we can help.

We Make Funeral Burial Planning Easier for You

Funeral burial planning is a process that spans multiple industries and many different tasks. Southern California Funeral Directors, Inc. of Los Angeles maintains good relationships with cemeteries, casket manufacturers, and other mortuaries to coordinate services smoothly.

We help you identify your priorities, such as location, costs, and other factors. Also, we educate you about your choices to give you the ability to choose confidently. For example, you may discover that you prefer burial in a crypt or mausoleum instead of in a ground plot. If you have a minimal budget and want a side-by-side plot for yourself and your spouse, you may decide on a double-depth plot instead. Since we handle arrangements on your behalf, we will work with your chosen cemetery to coordinate the date and time of the service. We can help you choose the right casket, prayers, prayer cards and other accessories. If you are in the San Fernando Valley or another part of Los Angeles County, please call us at (805) 262-2968 to make an appointment.

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