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Arranging a Cremation in Los Angeles

According to the NFDA, the cremation rate is expected to rise by nearly 30 percent during the next 18 years in the United States. Southern California Funeral Directors, Inc. has helped many families arrange cremation services in Los Angeles. While some people choose this option for financial reasons, some choose it for cultural practices or personal preferences. If you want to create a plan for yourself in advance or for a family member who recently died, our compassionate team members are here to help.

We Provide Customized Cremation Services

At Southern California Funeral Directors, Inc., we believe that giving you more choices helps you create a memorable and personalized farewell. We offer three types of packages for our cremation services in Los Angeles. Our mortuary works with many suppliers and local businesses to carry out our package options. These are the basics of each package tier.

Simple – We handle paperwork, carry out communications and secure required documents. After we receive the ashes, we give the urn to you, your designated cemetery or an at-sea scattering provider.

Funeral – We manage the paperwork and gather or prepare required documents. We provide a full-service funeral with a rental casket for viewing, send your loved one to the crematory and return the urn to you or a designated place.

Memorial – We prepare the paperwork, handle documentation tasks and send your loved one to the crematory. When the ashes are ready, we send the urn to your designated memorial location and handle any interment or scattering plans that you choose.

If you live in the San Fernando Valley or another part of Los Angeles County, we also pick up your loved one to bring to our funeral home. Our staff will coordinate the details with cemeteries, crematories and product suppliers to accommodate your date and time preferences. We are available 24/7 if you have questions. To schedule an appointment to make plans, please call us at (805) 262-2968.

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